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How to maintain the lawn

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How to maintain the lawn

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1. Prohibit smoking at the venue. Fireworks and firecrackers
2. It is strictly forbidden to carry food except pure water
3. It is forbidden to bring oily and corrosive liquids into the site.
4. Forbid nails above 9mm       
5. No heavy equipment or unnecessary traffic vehicles are allowed to enter the venue
6. It is strictly forbidden to press heavy objects on the lawn for a long time.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects to puncture, blow and cut the lawn.  
8. Do not deliberately smash the bottom and destructively pull the drying yarn, suture the interface, etc.
9. When the rainfall is low, the dust on the lawn can be washed off by manual watering.
10. Properly control the frequency of use of the site so that there is sufficient time to level the fill of the site (using dedicated equipment)
11. Keep cleaning and maintenance once a month, and clean the site in time.    
12. Avoid site cleaning during high temperature periods as much as possible
13. Always check for looseness at the seam, damage to the bottom oil, tearing, burning, etc.
14. Due to the loss of filling materials caused by rain washing, cleaning, and intense sports, it should be replenished in time.